Political Gumbo: The World, Words and Mask Confusion

Published : Sunday, March 22, 2020 | 7:54 PM

[Updated] I know it’s two columns in one week, but we’re in uncharted territory, and I had some material left over.

Even if you’re 102 and lived through the influenza pandemic, most of us probably have never seen near-total shutdowns of cities and states.

Despite the attacks on Sept. 11 and all the preparation for terrorist attacks, including a bio-attack, the nation has less than 100,000 intensive care unit beds.

Hard to believe we were so unprepared for this. Then again, I am not that surprised.

Until everybody can get tested upon request, and proceeds as if they are infected, the chance of this spreading continues.

I get that Pasadena only has three cases and let’s hope the numbers stay relatively low. Still we can’t just view this thing through Rose Parade-colored glasses. What about Altadena, the border Altadena and Pasadena between is so thin that it’s one Dena. I get that Pasadena’s Health Department has nothing to do with Altadena. However, that doesn’t change the fact that Altadena has a lot to do with Pasadena and vice versa.

This is a bigger problem than three patients in Pasadena. This pandemic will most likely leave an impact on everything going forward.

Gentrifying words: Before the pandemic, most people were just calling this thing the coronavirus, now it’s COVID-19. Reminds me of weed and cannabis (you knew I was going to bring weed into this at some point).

More on words: I’ve seen just about all of Trump’s updates on Corona —e xcuse me — COVID-19. What in the blue hell is he talking about? Oh well, good to see some things in the world are consistent. By the way, when he was talking about social distancing the other day, there were about seven or eight people crowded next to him. That … makes … sense.

More social distancing: We should practice social distancing. However, we should avoid social disengagement. We don’t need a social pandemic.

Last social distancing: I bet we see a big baby boom in December and early next year. I was born in August 1964, nine months after the tragedy in Nov. 1963.

Now they like the mask: In light of a shortage of face masks, the Centers for Disease Control is now calling for doctors and nurses to tie scarves and bandanas around their mouths. Bad idea, didn’t they tell us a while ago masks did not work?

What Dre is doing between writing: In those few minutes when we are not breaking stories, I have been reading some Batman graphic novels that I had not gotten around to.

I’m also watching old Universal horror DVDs. I’ve loved that stuff since I was a kid. One thing about the “Wolf Man” with Lon Cheney Jr., the guy sees the full moon, takes off his shirt and shoes, starts getting hairy. Cut to the next scene and he’s outside in completely different clothes. Why in the world would the Wolf Man go to the closet and pick out clothes? Oh well, the things you notice when you get older. Binge-watching “How to Get Away with Murder.”

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